The Wheel of Feelings

Brings to mind Tolstoy…
All happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

“Powerful” is there, under Happy, if you count that…


These type of visuals are quite helpful with younger kids or people unfamiliar with identifying and articulating their emotions.

I’ve also found Marshall Rosenberg’s focus on needs to be a useful resource (both with kids and adults).

Most of this stuff is meant to be a tool for discussion and externalizing emotions.

NVC Needs Vocabulary


I think the idea isn’t knowing how you yourself feel, it’s accurately conveying that feeling to others in words. It’s very easy to use words that convey an inaccurate impression, unless you have an agreed-upon reference point for what words mean. Feeling words are multifaceted, like feelings themselves, and sometimes the subtle difference matter if a listener focuses on a different subset of connotations and components than the speaker intended.

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Looks like SOMEBODY has been going to marriage counseling recently.

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‘Orgasmic’ is missing. Wheel is deficient. Loser wheel.

Should have ‘blurred’ all that! Spoiled!


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