Shaking Like a Samurai - Musha Burui


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Lisa Feldman Barrett wrote about foreign emotional concepts in “How Emotions are Made” - she suggested we learn foreign words without equivalence in English (like genki and Age-Otori), because if we can conceive of an emotion, we can better experience the feeling.

so very wonderful. thank you for sharing.


Musha Burui

I get those after a hard night on the whiskey jug.


Me? The first time I had sex with someone I was very attracted to. She pointed it out. What’s our near-equivalent? Shaking like a leaf?


Language cartoons by James Chapman -


tsundoku (the act of piling up reading material, but not quite getting around to reading it)

and you can express it with interpretative dance!



Mine was more like a “Chihuahua shitting on a lawn.”


quiet anticipation




Are there any words or phrases for musha burai that’s invisible to anyone but the person experiencing it?

Because I feel like I’m shaking uncontrollably before a big fight, but everyone else says I am the very picture of unruffled calm.


“Butterflies in your stomach” is a similar emotion, I guess.


I just knew there was a word for what I’ve been doing for years! I’ve probably got a year’s worth of uninterrupted reading stashed away, and that’s just the physical dead tree books; I’ve acquired over 600 ebooks as well…

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