The Wild Storm: Warren Ellis reboots DC's Wildstorm

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Wildstorm started life as an independent, creator-owned comics universe of enormous verve and originality; following its acquisition by comics behemoth DC in 1998, it grew moribund, leading to its shuttering in 2010. Now it’s back, in a revival helmed by Warren “Transmetropolitan” Ellis, who has reimagined the complex geopolitics of this paranoid superspy/shadow government/black ops world into a brutally fast-paced, dynamic tale that’s full of real bad guys and ambiguous good guys who may or may not be trustworthy. The first six issues are collected in The Wild Storm Vol. 1, out this week.


Does that mean I can get at least cover price for my 90s books with the renewed interest?


Ah, the good old days of foil embossed, die cut, holographic, multiple variant cover, 1st Issues. Collectors’ Items, one and all.


Best book for me in the WS lineup was Stormwatch. Loved the UN sanctioned team concept


Is this the same universe/continuity as the Authority? Or am I getting my indie comics mixed up?

It is, in fact the original version of Angie Spica was the member of ‘The Authority’ known as ‘The Engineer’.


It’s a reboot of the universe which included The Authority, yes. Though they were owned by DC by the time The Authority came out

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Hopefully this means an Authority more like the original.

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It didn’t last long.

Yeah, this is what I’m afraid of. Ellis is great at starting new things, introducing new concepts, but he tends to lose interest fairly quickly.

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In the case of The Wild Storm, Ellis is writing the 24-issue main series, and curating the rest of the line (the first spinoff, Michael Cray, started last month). There’s no commitment from him beyond that point - which may be for the best.


24 issues? That’s considerably better than I expected. Thanks for the good news! :slight_smile:


Sadly, the gimmick variant covers seem to be back on the upswing. This time it seems more like a last-ditch effort to save the direct market, rather than the speculator-driven cash-grab of the 90’s.

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The various newuniversal titles put out 10 issues total, over two years, then left readers hanging.

Thankfully, Ellis seems to be much better at sticking with a title recently (I’ve not been keeping up with monthlies, but I’ve been told this), and issue 9 of The Wild Storm came out last month on schedule, so fingers crossed.

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