All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault: supers and the undead battle for the world's soul


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It’s been more than a decade since Canadian science fiction writer James Alan Gardner last published a novel; I’ve been reading and enjoying Gardner’s work since I was a teenager, and my vote was one of those that counted towards his Aurora Award for the magnificent story “Muffin Explains Teleology to the World at Large.” Now, after far too long, Gardner has come roaring back with a novel that mashes up hard sf, superheroes, and urban fantasy in a comedic combination that defies description (though I’m going to try to describe it): All Those Explosions Were Someone Else’s Fault.


Synopsis sounds mildly interesting, but the book cover is just horrible, looks like a DIY book about backyard experiments.

I would had put a generic caped crusaded shrugging concerned while shit explodes in the background, by night.


This sounds right up my street. To the book vendor!




I am super excited about this. I too have been reading his work since I was a teenager, and his are some of the few books that I adored in high school that upon returning to them as an adult, I was amazed by how much more amazing they were than I’d even realized when I was younger. He writes so thoughtfully and profoundly, there isn’t one thing of his that I’ve read that hasn’t stuck with me through all the years since I originally read them.


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