The Wolf Among Us 2 is finally here

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That game that delighted in killing off and brutalizing its female characters, based on a property by a foaming misogynist libertarian douchebag? Can’t say I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this one.

I didn’t know all that about the author and still haven’t read the books. The first game came out so long ago that I forgot all about what happened in it, but it did kind of revel in the violence against women. It’s also the game that convinced me that I’m not up for games bought in installments.

Sounds like more fun than searching in an image for 4 hidden trowels, an iguana and a hoopty (aged car.) Hopefully they can feature it at an expo…a PAX etc…with a conduct code! (Looks like it comes with XBox GamePass, though uses Unity, so anything that tolerates that. And unfiltered cigarettes.)

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