The wonderful Flair felt tip pen


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Mark. We need to talk about your flair.


I would like to recommend the Sign Pen.

I have only used the black one, but apparently ithis comes in other colors too.


I remember buying a bunch of Flair pens and some cheap newsprint drawing pads in high school, because I wanted to learn to make drawings like Roy Doty in his Popular Science “Wordless Workshop” comics. In my mind Flair pens seemed like a good tool to reproduce his somewhat ligne claire style.

Then I discovered that you actually have to buckle down and put pen or pencil to paper to learn to draw, and I never did end up learning to draw like Doty.


Almost every architect I know uses those for sketching.


Whatever the brand was, I remember buying (or receiving as gifts) many of those flat packs of colored pens. Always a treat!


those are so good! I wish the very large felt tip was a little sturdier, these tend to widen as they age, but the lines are so nice! I have 4 colors of those on my desk, right now!


I love these pens! I buy a set every school year and they are my go-to for meeting notes, doodling, drawing, grading, and color coordinating my grade book. I have to fight to keep them though, I lock them and my colored sharpies up when I have a sub, if I didn’t they would all be gone when I got back.


If you need any more reasons, Flair pens are also recommended by the Commander-in-Chief, Lynda Barry, in her Wisconsin U classes and coursework.

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