The workhorse of bubble machines

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Back during the war, we lost offensive after offensive until we managed to capture and reverse engineered one of the Kaiser’s bubble machines (or “mechanisierteherstellervonluftinseifenkugeln”). It was no cakewalk after that, granted, but at least we were no longer fighting uphill with inadequate bubble cover.

Make no mistake, bubbles are serious business.



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I was going to reminisce about Zubbles, colored bubbles that seemed poised to be the next big thing, but never quite materialized. Looked them up to see where things were lately–

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Really want it, but I’m gonna wait for the Bubbletron 2000.

Same guy was behind Crude Awakening. (Skip to 1:10 for the money shot. Bear in mind that tower is 100’ tall.)

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Dan builds cool stuff

I… I… actually already own one of these. True story. It’s right behind me in fact.


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