The World Disco Finals of 1980 are the distraction you need today


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At a time like this I appreciate the optimistic, global aspect of the video.

A lot of good dancers there. Interesting to see disco from places I don’t normally associate with disco.


Ugh, no. I’d prefer to leave disco where I left it, in the past.


Seems like the embedded video is broken :frowning:


how are you seeing this video? I get:

not on blog view, either. sounds like @miloblue’s in the same boat. can you edit your post (since it’s first) to embed the video here?


I can see it on my mobile, but don’t see a link to share - it gives me an option to download the video file, though.

Edit: it’s Facebook… Desktop view let me copy a URL


I don’t see a link to this specific video.
Here’s a diferent upload of the same event. The end of the “parade of nations” is cut off however.


They’re pretty great. What a mix of skills, though. Some of those early dancers were pretty mediocre, seemingly thinking that they could simply put ballet moves to a beat and call it disco. Luckily we get some people who can throw down the funk, though. And from all over the world.

Here are the videos on YouTube, minus the Parade of Nations embedded in the post, and linked by @crenquis :


After the individual introductions my money is on Surinam.


I hate it. I hate it so much.




They tried to teach us disco dancing in music class in 1976. The horror.


I always have to turn off ad-block to see Caroline Siede’s videos.


Pretty good. But just not in the same league as Bobby & Sissy on the Lawrence Welk show.


I don’t know if I’d want to win that £2000 if I have to get a British Leyland car as well.


ah, that must be it. that and the facebook thing. thanks, @crenquis

the disco music and scene really sucks, but some of the dancing was good. I liked all the popping and locking moves; Surinam killed it, Malaysia and the others were cool. I liked Belgium, too. A classic look and his moves were really fluid. Gibraltar and Sweden (pink hair!) were like that, also, but not as good.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Italy was on way too much coke. If you’re moving faster than the beat, it doesn’t really work, bro.


Yeah, they were pretty hot, but disco wasn’t really their scene.


Is there anything more tedious than kneejerk disco hatred? Some damn fine dancing there – and it certainly looks more fun to be around than any club I’ve ever been to.


Surprised to see how far the eighties aesthetic had already developed in 1980, most noticeably from the European contestants.

The French contestant was ready for a rave 10 years later.


Just like the NBA, MLB, and NFL’s championship winners can plausibly call themselves “world champions” despite not competing internationally beyond Canada, as far as I’m concerned the World Disco Finals were held every week on Soul Train: