The world’s first bone conduction ski goggles bring groundbreaking tech to the slopes

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Still foisting useless doodads, I see.


Having experimented with a few bone conduction audio devices, one word: ouch. You need a lot of pressure on the transducer compressing the tissue so it couples with the bone. Definitely nothing I would endure for recreational purposes.

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@Flossaluzitarin have you tried these

After reading this I am still seeing bone+breaking+ski

Having watched videos of folk being run down by trains while using headphones, I’d think an intensive sport like skiing could do without the distraction of music.

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screw the naysayers. i want these so much.

Rather spend my money on this instead of some stupid avalanche transceiver any day.

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I already have an issue with what to do with my glasses with ski goggles.

Finally, a way to conveniently heat my skull to boiling point while on the slopes…

Having tried a few of these things I have to say…

  1. they are like a fly buzzing just outside your hearing, as your ears are much better sound receptors
  2. the sound is shit
  3. Skiing isn’t silent, wind noise and snow sounds will make you wish you hadn’t bought these.

Thank you - I want to believe, but definitely have a feeling that if they actually worked I would have heard about them before seeing them here.

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Well, it would keep the cough mask from getting up in my eyes, but it turns out I don’t have a personal mountain (or 3’ snow. Turnin’ all “arid southwest” even up in Kansas, OK, NE lately.) Can’t imagine needing to squish the skin to get the sound conducted to mastoid, but willing to try faking it for the duration of a ‘To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars’ audiobook. Hot damn and premixed streaming cocoa, free samples at the lodge!


The world’s first bone conduction ski goggles bring groundbreaking tech to the slopes

The world’s first ground conduction ski goggles bring bonebreaking tech to the slopes

Shudder to think what resulted in that being a YouTube suggestion for you, but this is exactly the concern consumer bone conduction technology is supposed to solve.

Your ears remain unblocked and able to pick up other stimuli. I don’t know that I’d buy anything from BB, but Aftershokz get good reviews from cyclists and long distance runners.

Personally I’ve always just used one earbud with an audiobook or something, not dead yet.

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