"The world thinks I faked a drone crashing through my office window and into my head"

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I say his claim of head damage has some credibility; that’s no ponytail, it’s a mullet.


It’s true. That is a Mullet. As a former pony tail guy I know theses things.



Mr. DSE - who assures us he has been successful…always be skeptical of someone who post their CV on their blog bio - is deeply disappointed in Huff Po. Perhaps he’ll come here and be deeply disappointed in Boing Boing.

On the other hand, it’s a new take on Stop Hitting Yourself, Stop It!

Besides, I don’t know what he’s so worried about. The Obama Administration has proven drones can drop bombs on people and no one bats an eye.


I harbor no resentment against people that embellish stories – even make them up from whole cloth, so much of life’s joy is from collecting and the retelling of stories: “I was this close to getting bitten by a shark”, “we just snuck out of that bar before the Bangkok vice squad cleared the place”, “And that’s when Eddie Van Halen decided that he would, after all, cover our bar tab.” Happy to hear those stories. Who on Earth would make up, “I got hit in the head with a drone.”?


Add me to the disbeliever list. Smells like baloney.

I will happily believe a hater who demonstrates that the drone would crash differently by crashing a drone of the same model into a 5th floor office window several times, and showing us video from several angles.

Until that happens, it’s all meaningless speculation. Haters gotta hate.


A lot of people think they are hit in the head with a drone. This is actually a common misconception.


To be fair, some people will make up any and every sort of story, including the sorts where one would reasonably ask, “Why would they make up a story like that?” I have no idea why.

Why? I’m a little baffled as to why people disbelieve this.


Many reasons. The mullet guy seems to be a grade-A conspiracy theorist who will use any anomaly that doesn’t fit his world view on how physics and materials work (usually a world view fueled by things like fictional movies), and he’ll look for every little thing out there to try to “debunk” a claim. Tie this with a fevered interest (it seems he super duper loves drones), and any accidents or people using drones in stupid ways are attacks on his interests, ones he must fight tooth and nail against. (This is similar to 9/11 truthers who desperately want to believe it was GWB who staged 9/11.)

Other people won’t believe it because of the frequency of hoaxes out there, or maybe just on that there are a lot of people who hate drones or how they are used. There’s also likely a fear out there that drones will be banned or will require licenses and be difficult to operate, and things like this will perpetuate that and they must prove it false. TBH, that fear is grounded in reality, but if people continue being dicks with drones, they’ll have to suffer the consequences.


A set of vocal drone enthusiasts combine the worst of photography gear-head obsessiveness with gun-collector paranoia. I sometimes run into them on photography forums, they essentially think that it’s their right to fly their camera anywhere they like and anyone who suggests they should consider other people’s privacy/safety is a fascist. After the FAA drone regulations they got even more manically paranoid in a “Obama’s comin’ to take yer drones” mode, and go into attack-mode when they see any imaginary threat trying to steal the precious.


you could say they just drone on and on?
~ducks and runs away~


The combination of how frequently people make stuff up to get their 15 minutes of fame, and the implausibility of a plastic drone smashing through an office window. They just aren’t that heavy, and they just don’t go that fast, and windows just aren’t that fragile. I’m not saying with the OCD surety of Mr. Mulletman that it’s a hoax, but it has the odor of yet another “look at me!” internet hoax.

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I’m a medical doctor. I own a mansion and a yacht.


A kid can break a window with a baseball, which is less heavy than the moderately-sized drone in the video, somewhat softer than hard plastic and travels at comparable speeds to an out-of-control drone. Glass is the very definition of fragile; the international icon of “fragile” is a broken glass. Why would the window not break when hit?


It’s right out of the NRA’s playbook.


…I can tell by the pixels.

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I’m no expert on drones, but I went to a fly-in at a maker-space once, and I was surprised how fast they do go. Granted, my house is about 50 years old and my windows are single pane, but I could easily see a drone going through one of mine. Without even really trying.


Well, baseballs are sturdier and denser than plastic and can travel over 100 mph.