The world tweets support for Ethiopia's bloggers today


Does tweeting have a track record as a means of civil protest? I just can’t see Gandhi leading a march to the sea to make tweets.

Had it been available at the time, he probably would have. He did two years in prison for three articles he wrote in Young India, a weekly journal he self-published. When he was arrested for the articles (which spoke against British rule of India) his wife took over printing the journal for him.

After his release from prison, he began publishing a newspaper called Harijan. Basically, at that time - self-published printed material was one of the most rapid ways to disseminate information.


I never thought of it that way - good point.

Thanks - I think it may be because Gandhi is still a household name that people forget when he was most active. The articles he wrote that landed him in prison were published in 1921. Here’s a publication from after his arrest and trial in 1922. He was assassinated in 1948 - so he didn’t even see color television.

Some people have such huge impacts on history that they seem to be unending. :slight_smile:

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