The time the BBC reported that "there is no news"

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I’m fairly certain there was news, although the BBC might not have wanted to report it.

April 17, 1930 (Thursday)
27 Indian independence demonstrators were sentenced for breaking the salt laws, including Mahatma Gandhi’s son Devdas, who received three months imprisonment. Mahatma Gandhi urged his followers to continue nonviolent forms of protest, saying that riots like the one in Calcutta “will harm our struggle.”


Picky, picky, picky …


“Good evening. Today is Good Friday. There is no news.”

And today, 86 years later, that statement is still news…



And at the other end of the spectrum,

/conspiracy hat on

That the reason for WWII , to get more news

/conspiracy hat off


That was yesterday’s news.


I’m sure Adams is happy with all the coverage of his favorite presidential candidate these days.

Oh man, those were the days.

There was news, just not something important enough. You see kids, back then people were smart enough to distinguish between news and fluff. And they didn’t need to gobble up every dollar at the expense of the listener’s intelligence.
Good bye, common sense. We hardly knew ye.


Was he actually saying “Today there is no News programme”? That would make more sense. The BBC did have a player piano in the studio to fill in for breakdowns. Maybe they decided it was unsporting to put out the official denials (see article) without the complimentary newspaper coverage that stopped over the Bank Holiday. Or perhaps something else went wrong.

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Boy oh boy this certainly goes hand in hand with the previous post covering the news the Beeb didn’t see fit to report on.

Similarly, there are so many important things today that lack coverage in 24/7 cycle.

Again, you’re cheering on the exact thing that happens today, prizing ignorance over fact. It was just less noisy back then.

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