Twitter publishes tweet archive of Russian and Iranian state-run troll farms


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I am joyous with prospect of velcoming most informative new users here telling us real pravda about evil liberal BoingBoing accusations against Glorious Shirtless One.

[And of course, the apologism and “two wrongs make a right” arguments of our usual Useful Idiots and pals of money launderers are also anticipated.]


It took forever to download.

The shocking thing about these tweets is how mundane they are. That’s all it takes to fuck with a democracy?




I didn’t see them, but their relentlessly doubting obviously true things seems to have an effect.


When the level of political discourse is reduced to loony 15 second sound bites?

Other countries also have trolling programs - when will Twitter get around to them?


ferst you vere smart. but den you sed some stupid tings in paratesis… parantesis… in [ ] tings. the committee shell decide vat to do vit you


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