The world's deadliest teapot

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The “assassination” part seems to be absent.


I think the subtext is that the Chinese do not traditionally take tea with milk, so a person of murderous intent could fill the hidden bottom chamber with poison and then pour two cups of tea from the same pot with one containing poison and the other without (thus allowing someone to take tea with their enemy without raising suspicion).


Now you’ve got me wondering about that “medicine” scene from Mary Poppins.


Steve Mould goes in to a little more detail about this in a recent video, including the assassination of his mustache universe twin.


Having recently watched a video about Chinese tea ceremony I’m very troubled by how this teapot would have ever been used in that setting, which leads me to believe that this is just a curiosity rather than something ever intended for it’s implied use as a poisoner’s tool. More-so, why would you as a would-be assassin use such a flashy teapot, when a more normally shaped; but similarly functioning, teapot would be less conspicuous?

Edit: Furthermore, getting tea into this stupid thing must be a pain in the ass!


There is another video

which demonstrates how to kill Generals.

So both can drink from the same pot.

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For anyone who wants a quick intro to Chinese tea ceremony (and more insight on why I believe this sort of teapot would never have worked as a poisoner’s tool in China) check out this video:

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Maybe I am too innocent, but is it possible that it might have also been used to hide drinking alcohol while on duty?
The old guy in the teapot looks like one of the drunken inmortals.


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