Watch this champion serve teh tarik (pulled tea) with acrobatic flair

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I can barely make pasta in my kitchen without spilling at least a little bit of water.

This takes it to a whole new level.


What’s the trick to not have a bit run down the outer wall of the pot, though?

That spinning pour is super impressive.

I can’t help but think all that air exposure is really going to cool the tea down, though.

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A sharp edged spout.

By the time I’d get done with that spinning business, I’d be too busy throwing up to serve anybody tea …


Me after just watching that…


With the state of the globe these days, BB has changed its direction quite a bit. Here then for us old timers is a reminder of what BB means when it says ”Mostly Wonderful Things.”
This stuff is absolutely mostly wonderful.


Thanks! I very rarely do outrage posts, unless the villain seems comically over the top to me. I am a firm believer in wonderful things!


Part of the aim of teh tarik is to cool the drink down though, as it’s normally prepared boiling hot.

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