Man demonstrates respectable tea-pouring skills



Video: Man has incredible pouring skills



That’s pulled tea. Very hot tea mixed with evaporated milk and then ‘pulled’ to mix and froth the tea and cool it down for serving.


It just goes to show that if you spend too much time doing anything, you can get really good at it.


The original:



Meh, not bad. :smile:


There should be some sort of water faucet that does this…


I note that he is referred to as a “man”, not a “gentleman”. Therefore, by BoingBoing rules, he has not done something mindbogglingly stupid.


I like how nonchalant everyone around him is, because they see him do this a hundred times a day. I’d still be all “whaaat? Crazy.”


Tea goes in, tea goes out…


Don’t forget to flush the toilet.


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