Teacup holsters


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These are awesome lol


i am not even a tea drinker and i want one of these.


High tea at high noon.


Okay… Now I need one or three or a hundred of those for my Mad Hatter Cosplay!



What a generous definition of steampunk!




More like Tea Punk. Amirite?


Cream tea at


I looked at the offerings (including under-corset model) & OK, I have to ask…what is tea duelling?

It looks to me like only the leather one would really protect your teacup in a airship. Too bad for vegans.


Are you a barbarian or something? Just kidding…

It’s a party game, there is complex set of rules. The goal is after you have dunked a biscuit in tea, the winner is the last player to eat their biscuit. If any of the biscuit falls off you loose.




You call this rules? They don’t even use SI units!


Always be ready for a cup of brown joy…
(any excuse to share Professor Elemental)



Thank you! I had no idea I needed this in my life.


Little known fact: This was the original purposes of codpieces.

Then there are the equally famous Over-the-Shoulder Teacup Holsters.


Even The Black Russian ?



I believe he kept a packet of digestive biscuits in his.


You could not get farther from the American ideal.