Insult teacups for 'the lady who speaks her mind'


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Well, I must say, those do seem a trifle mean spirited.



Cute, but, eh, this along with all those memes about people who “refuse to be PC” or who “just speak their mind” or “I can be an asshole to people who deserve it.”… eh, no, maybe you’re just as asshole, and using the “just how I am” thing as an excuse for your assholely behavior. But maybe that’s just me being old fashioned or suck in my Midwestern ways about politeness and courtesy.



And I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a suitable present for my landlord this year!


‘the lady who speaks her mind’



I don’t see it as being framed around being PC or not. These cups would be used at a person’s own home, and it looks silly and like a little bit of fun. If these designs were slapped on something that one would expect to use out and about i’d say it’s much more rude and impolite. However everyone has a different tolerance for this kind of humor so i understand what you mean.


No, I get it. I even forwarded this to a friend who I think she would really like this sort of thing. I guess for some people it can be funny, but for other people it just echoes the fact they are a dick. Context and all. I just scrolled passed another one of those “I’m an asshole” memes and so that probably carried over to this. And I don’t think these cups are rebellion against PC per se, but it relates sorta to the “salty” people who rally against such things.


I’d say on a scale of “I’m an asshole” type of advertising i find t-shirts, hats and bumper stickers to be on the more eye-roll worthy, obnoxious end. On the plus side it makes it easy for me to avoid said idiots.


Want! ‘Odious’ and ‘loathsome’ are my favourites of the ones pictured. :coffee:


Not pictured on the BB post there’s a Nasty Woman one that i quite liked


I’m a polite Midwesterner too, I swear:) I do agree that context is everything. In the wrong hands my cups could be used for evil vs. good. Thanks for checking them out!


Why, bless your heart. :yum:



Welcome to BB :slight_smile: Really love the antique tea cups and the like on your site by the way. Did not know that tea cups were used for fortune telling, but i guess i cannot be too surprised.


For me it’s the juxtaposition of the elegant, frilly, ladylike teacups with the bitchy sentiments. I know what my BFF is getting for Christmas. :wink:

Edit: Oooh, my grandma also really needs the “Witch” one, but I might wait until her birthday. Trust me, my grandma would find it the highest compliment.


Is she a pagan? :wink:


This is the courteous reply that my polite Southern ancestors would expect me to give, too!


Agreed. With all of the dust catchers unused china bequeathed to me over the years, I am tempted to find decals of nicer phrases and throw a tea party!


We don’t care.