The world's richest 62 people have as much wealth as half the rest

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“Those 62 people”, they know very little about being “people”, the shadows are their playground.


Not only can you do nothing about this, but all of you reading this post will continue to select multi-millionaires and billionaires to office according to perceived “success” in business, and will also continue to mimic & desire the culture of the super wealthy (or will half heartedly respond “I don’t vote”…blah) “Move close to work and play”

Speak for yourself.


Thank God you’re here! If you’re not terribly busy, please tell me more about what I can’t do, and what I will do. Dying to know.


Nah, I was planning to eat them.


I voted SPGB in the last UK general election, I don’t think they attract many millionaires who are perceived to have been successful in business.

Labour got over 50% of the vote in my constituency (Oxford East) anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered who I voted for. Interestingly, Bernie Sander’s brother was standing for the Green Party in the neighbouring constituency, and he would have been about the only person who could have changed my vote.


Why not use your hypno-powers for good instead of evil?

Is this some phrase that triggers the trance?


Since they only “have” these resources symbolically, by consensus, it is not insurmountably difficult to redistribute them. That’s part of why I always encourage people to devise and use new symbol sets for describing social relationships.


Actually, I’m working to allow people to join a viable alternative (civilization of choice) rather than keep on being part of an electoral system that gives the worst of us all the advantages.

Some recent discussion here

So Nyah :wink:



off-topic, but interesting anyway (imho): The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) is since decades a nearly unvoted splinter party (parliamentary election of 2013: 0.1 %) but noticeable often leading the rankings for donations by individuals - e.g. the highest amount donated by a single person in 2015.

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Please share the recipes.


To be fair, the SPGB aren’t exactly poor either, although most of their money is locked in the value of their London HQ which they bought in 1951.

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I consider myself the captain of my own ship, thank you very much.


So not voting for Clinton then?


We Americans don’t eat the rich, because we all think we’ll be rich soon.


I’m not that sort of idealist. I’ll be voting against whoever wins the Republican primary…but I really hope it’s Sanders I’m voting for.

Having other plans doesn’t mean one can’t do what they can with the system we have. And since the plan is to use the legal shell of a corporation not only can people still vote but we’d also collectively be able to use our wealth and power to influence policy the same way any other large corporation does.

Just because a rule is bad doesn’t mean it’s not allowed to be exploited for good, after all.


Here’s the list of who they are:

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A bit of such hope can do wonders.

Ask anybody who worked their ass off in a startup, only to get it fold and to try again in another.

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