The Wormwood Star is a portrait of the mysterious occult artist Marjorie Cameron

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Wow! She looks straight out of Hammer Films central casting!


Back in the 70’s it was fairly easy to bump into a Aleister Crowley devotee in California. My creative writing teacher in High School was always pushing it on us, I said no thanks I’ll stick to Vonnegut & Phillip K Dick for spiritual advice.


And advice on where to get speed


Looks like the opening scene to a never made episode of Columbo!


I was just on a bit of a Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron kick!

Wormwood Star the Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron by Spenser Kansa is the first biography written about Cameron. I know the cover looks like a bad self published book, but it’s actually a good read. Much better then the Sex and Rockets bio of Parsons that I just could not finish.

She also looks amazing in Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of The Pleasure Dome

And of course if you haven’t seen Night Tide, also directed by Curtis Harrington, it’s a must watch. Dennis Hoppers first film where he falls in love with a sea siren and Marjorie Cameron plays a sea witch. There is a restored version of it on Nicholas Winding Refn’s site that you can watch for free (along with a bunch of other cool weird movies that he has restored)


This video provides a better, though still too short, glimpse of Cameron’s work:


The Wormwood Star was recently on Turner Classic Movies, bookended by several other very strange films, including a late 70s C-Movie interpretation of Fall of the House of Usher. That one featured a seriously scene-chewing chap playing both Mr Usher and his weird sister.

crowley was an evil toad. Its so-called philosophy was, “do what thou wilt,” while completely ignoring the, “An’ it harm none,” which must precede it if one is to retain’s one’s humanity; humanity which crowley never possessed. Never perform the rituals it wrote, either: the banishings are incomplete.


She looks rather like James Coburn in that thumbnail photo.

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Hah! I was imagining The Rockford Files starring Marjorie Cameron, very amused but not really seeing the resemblance, then it dawned on me that I was thinking of James Garner. I’d watch the heck out of that show.


Cool, I really liked the artwork; though I would a preferred more shots of the complete compositions. The details were great, but it would have been interesting to see them in their wider context.

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I thought that her performance was a real Frances de la Tour de force.

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Oh, hell yeah! I loved both Jameses, but Coburn or Cameron would’ve been even more fun :smiley:

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And here’s another from Harrington:

FRAGMENT OF SEEKING, which plays like Cocteau degenerating into schlock horror.

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