The worst tech you can buy in 2023

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You’re forgetting something


I’m not an electric engineer, but I know a few things and why male-male extension cords are really a bad idea:

  • first of all, of course because you would have th Thue prongs on one side energised, so very easy to get a shock

I’ll promise I will be careful and start the generator only after plugging both sides

That’ll will not help you with the other issues:

  • a worker could be repairing the line, and they would expect the line to be off, your generator could give them a shock
  • you plug in during a grid failure, then the failure is repaired, now you have two sources of AC current who are not synced short circuited to each other. That’s also really bad

So in short, use a proper backup system which sense the AC from the grid and acts accordingly.


An ass protesting at a pride used one of those to “prove” that gay sex didn’t work.


‘Happy Christmas dear - I bought you a subscription to X!’

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I was hearing similar BS from idiots 30 years ago, “two bolts can’t fit together” and garbage like that. I’ve always thought this showed really more about their complete lack of imagination (and amazingly boring sex lives) than anything else.


I’ve heard of people using them to steal power from their neighbor.

Plug one end into neighbor’s house, plug the other end into your house, and presto! No more power bill.


I use one of this contraption with my 110/220 Volt transformer.

Good, except that the 220V appliances won’t work, and the extension will fry or the breaker will pop once the draw exceeds 15A. :fire:

Not too long from from now, people will look back and marvel that we had outside outlets without an off-switch inside the door, or some other method of preventing a shitty neighbor from charging their car overnight.


Our house has no outside outlets at all (and only a single outside faucet in a less than ideal location.) At first I thought that was odd and it is occasionally inconvenient, but really we’ve been fine without one. I doubt any of our neighbors would steal power in such a way, but I’m also happy not finding out the hard way.


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