The Xbox Onesie is a kigurumi for gamer astronauts


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Kigurumi should come with a warning label: it’s really important to wash them every few days.


not if it comes with astronaut diapers


It’s remarkable how much less alarming this looks on healthy, vertical attractive people, as opposed to its actual target market


obviously the concept of vertical attractivity (whatever it is ???) is not applicable in space


Are you trying to imply that gamers are fat? If so, not cool.


Are you trying to imply that healthy and fat are antonyms? If so, not cool


Not at all. I just can’t think of an intended meaning of “vertically attractive” that doesn’t mean “not fat,” especially one that is stereotypically absent (inferred from “as opposed to”) from gamers (inferred from “actual target market”).

And before you comment, no, I’m not trying to imply that fat people are unattractive, either, but rather than I can’t figure out any other way to parse the intention behind the term “vertically attractive.”


I thought @bobtato meant vertical (i.e. standing) persons, as contrast to horizontal (i.e. slouched on a couch) gamers


Ah, that would make sense, that there’s a comma missing there (“vertical, attractive”).

And I can see how the criticism of “Of course this looks better on a model whose job is to look attractive,” though not how it applies to this onesie more than any other piece of clothing (maybe because of an opinion that this onesie is that much uglier than a normal piece of clothing?).

But if that’s the case, I still don’t get why the word “healthy” is there. Why would “healthy” be a trait that would be present in these people as opposed to its “actual target market?”


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