The Yankees can go screw with this Yankees screwdriver

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Once again, life imitates art:


Do not sully the good name of the famous Yankee screwdriver. Dating from 1895, long before cordless drills, they’re not as well known today, but mine still works like a charm. I was lucky enough to find it at a garage sale for about $3. For certain jobs, they’re still the best tool available, and modern adapters are available for 1/4" hex bits.




I am sure there are some tool nerds who want this for the novelty!

Yeah, no.

I would like to see some performance data, though.

Don’t know about reusability, but I bet they don’t slip very easy when you’re screwing them in. Now where it the matching screwdriver?

The Yankees are bigger than baseball by almost every conceivable metric.

Wha? I’m not a Yankees fan, but that’s quite the spin you’ve put on that ball. Bucks for self-marketing does not a great team make.

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