The Torx wrench set for me


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Now they’re making “security” Torx screws - which are just regular Torx screws with a little peg in the middle, so the driver has to have a little hole drilled or stamped out of the middle. For security, you know.


I am sorry I was unclear and I added an extra sentence to the review! These ARE dimpled for security screws. The ones on my car for holding the personalized plates use them.



Anyone else still have some of these wrenches left over from working on Compaq servers?


I always thought Torx screws were a giant conspiracy to piss off people who had just acquired a huge set of Allen keys and felt they could relax.

Rather than the individual keys, I bought a grand set of drill bits that include both regular Allen and Torx - although the security dimple is just the latest salvo in the ever-escalating tool wars!


I am glad I am not the only one who didn’t just magically have a set of Torx wrenches waiting to put put into use come mid 1990s. It took me decades to admit this was part of the tools I had to have around. Not just a flat head screwdriver, a hammer and some duck tape.


There is a bit of that. Torx are a really excellent design. If I had to choose just one it would be Torx over Allen. Of course, we have both. The backwards compatibility of the security-compatible keys is nice. Not big dollars anyway.

Also not sure why you’d have a “huge” set of allen keys. But I guess it adds up. Electric driver bits, free-standing L-shaped set, molded plastic handled set, fold-out set. All by metric and imperial (I think - are there imperial allen key sizes? I’ve only ever used metric. Edit: Yes there are! Surely useful for US, Myanmarese and Liberian engineering).


I have fold out sets of imperial and metric on the Triumph. Naturally it is they who mix them.


Ahh yes, the good old brits. Can’t ever quite decide if they’re metric or imperial.


The wife likes IKEA - so naturally I have about 4 million randomly sized L-wrenches laying around. Like burning a book, I feel funny about throwing any of them away.


Size Skjollamar


I’m ashamed to admit that I relate a little too closely to this guy


I see Ikea as more the great metal band name generator.


With this little $12 kit and a bit-holder screwdriver you can unscrew anything but a pregnant woman:


Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for The Skarsgård Ümlaüts!


I’ve never seen security torx screws on anything other than public bathroom stalls, or kids’ playground equipment. Interesting to see that they’re actually starting to be used elsewhere, as well.


Try to steal a street sign.


I haven’t done that since the 90’s. Back then, they were all simple hex bolts. If I want a street sign now, I just get my brother in law to make me one (he works for the city’s works department). Much less hassle, and I can get one that says “Butt St” if I want.



No T1 through T5? Pass.