The Zubi Flyer is the hackable frisbee that could launch your kid’s STEM career

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Good lord, I pity the parent who’s worried about launching their primary school aged child’s stem career. Is this the next level of helicopter parenting?

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Wow, that was pretty annoying. At least the ad had the integrity to not use the word Frisbee. It’s a proper noun and a registered trademark.

Frisbee is used generically to describe any flying disk as much as Wham-O would prefer otherwise, it’s a registered trademark much as Xerox, Band Aid, TelePrompTer, Velcro and Kleenex are - all trademarks, but also very much genericised.

No kidding, Sherlock. The ad was professional in that they didn’t used the term generically. The author should have done the same.

Hmm…I really can’t find it in myself to be upset at BBS for using the word frisbee in the exact way most people use it, especially since the term was appropriated by Wham-O in the first place, if the Wiki is to be believed:

In June 1957, Wham-O co-founders Richard Knerr and Arthur “Spud” Melin gave the disc the brand name “Frisbee” after learning that college students were calling the Pluto Platter by that term,[9] which was derived from the Connecticut-based pie manufacturer Frisbie Pie Company,[10] a supplier of pies to Yale University, where students had started a campus craze tossing empty pie tins stamped with the company’s logo—the way that Morrison and his wife had in 1937.[5]

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