There are many faces peeking at you at Pena Palace

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So you can see them too?
Breathes sigh of relief.


And as to what they’d like to eat, probably your liver to start with, then kidneys…who knows? I wouldn’t get close enough to find out.

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Scared the shit out’a me.

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Luverly! I do enjoy grotesques and similar inventions.
Here’s more:

some of them will not eat your liver, they’ll gobble you up whole! Literally.


When I visited Bali, I fell in love with the fact that almost everywhere you looked there were figures carved into rock or wood. Just walking down a lonely road deep in the island, the random stones on the side of the hill would be carved with all manners of gods and monsters.


Mmmm, stone fruit?

I love to imagine what these good chiselers were thinking when they turned a lip this way or that.

Was it: “I will be remembered through my curious works.” or “This is to grow nightmares in that kid up the via who threw stones at me.”

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Screw that last one - that’s the Tomb of Horrors!

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That’s an incredible castle btw, possibly cooler than Mad King Ludwig’s. Sintra also has a nice Moorish castle from a few hundred years earlier. One definitely gets the sense of one of them as a place for nobility to lounge, the other as a fortress from which to repel invaders.

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Bacalhau is probably one of their preferred dishes.

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