Gorgeous skullface makeup: Join Me in Death


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What’s so good about painting a skull on your face (if you’re older than 12, that is)?

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I assume you don’t get invited to many Halloween parties.

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Well, I have plenty fun without makeup on.
I live in Italy, Halloween is’nt so popular over here, at least not with the over 40 crowd (I’m 44)

I thought the point was being made that at a particular age, you don’t need the make-up to look like death.
But I thought beginning at 13 was a tad harsh.


It’s my understanding that many adults in Italy still enjoy dressing up in costumes from time to time.

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Death finds these “death face” images to be racially insensitive.

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Keith Richards’ longevity is beginning to get a bit suspicious.


That’s a pic of the carnevale in Venice: you’ll only find it in the city of Venice, it’s mostly for the tourists nowdays and I still think they look like a bunch of morons.

(give up Brainspore, there’s no way you’re gonna make me like this stuff :wink: )

Surely, you can appreciate the creativity and excellent execution of the make-up, even if you aren’t going to partake yourself, right? Just because I can’t draw like da Vinci, or smile like the Mona Lisa, doesn’t mean that I can’t marvel at the genius.

I went downtown one Halloween wearing a very nice Death costume, and I gotta tell you, people really get out of the way of Death, even the drunks. The crowd would part for me.

At least you hope it was the death costume…(rimshot).

Hasn’t stuff like that always mostly been for tourists?

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Awesome pictures. That’s a great make-up job.

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