Cool melting skull makeup tutorial


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Gosh, it is cool.


So with Mehron, does it rub off? Do you need to “set” it? I would really like to make my Joker costume not suck so bad with decent make up.

Also, how fun would it be to have someone good help recreate this Shadow cover.


I have to wait until Halloween? But why?


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:86894”]If you start practicing now, you might be ready to debut Desi Perkins’ creepy melting skull makeup for Halloween.[/quote]And if you fail, you will end up as a popular subject of mockery on someone’s “Makeup FAILS!” blog.

But you’ll be wearing makeup, so no one will be able to tell that it’s you. That’s a plus.


I love these. Each year I have been trying these make up tutorials on my kids for Halloween. They’ve loved it.


Because the media will try to get a new Satanic Day Care hoax going aka the creepy clowns instatrend, as they are fucking horrible.


But here’s the amazing thing : succeed or fail, you don’t have to film yourself and upload it to YouTube. Events that are not observed by the internet are still real.


So you don’t get arrested for being a creepy clown?

I can’t be the only person wondering how the creepy clown fad is going to intersect Halloween this year…


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