There are more tomatoes in planter boxes and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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Nice! I’ve got some tomato plants going in containers, they are flowering, but as we are headed into the, as my 17 year old daughter puts it, “fucking hotter than Satan’s balls” period of inland California summer, their survival is in doubt.


I helped convince the Mrs to shift the planter boxes from the death valley sunbaked side of our NorCal yard to the partial shade of the opposite side, where the beans and cukes and squash can cower and not demand watering 2-3 times daily in peak summer.

We’ve already broken the 100F mark once, and a wave to follow this week. Satan’s Balls indeed.


Chicago area went from being in the mid-fifties in early May to the nineties for the past week. I only got two pickings of lettuce before they all turned too bitter to eat. The flowers on the peas are drying out and dying off before they can produce pods.

I have about 50 tomato plants to give away. Seven varieties. My daughter suggested selling them but I literally can’t give them away for free.


Our Bush Goliath tomato plants are going crazy, picked 20 yesterday, about 10 today. It’s sauce making time, and on to the freezer with them. Now if those dang zucchini would do something…


Filled one box this year with half basil half mint specifically for basil mint strawberry mohitos. Now if I could only grow rum…


I am in a different climate zone than the rest of you….

However the tomato plants are growing.


Same here. I won’t see a fresh local tomato for at least another month to six weeks. The ferns, however are majestic.


corn looks fun, but I will be eager to see what you get, it usually takes about 50 plants to get good fertilization.
Toms are amazing, wow!


There are years we won’t get a ripe tomato until past Labor Day. But I can grow a dump truck worth of potatoes. :man_shrugging:


Tomatoes like it when you’re a little bit mean. A happy plant just produces leaves. Stress them out a bit and all of a sudden they’re worried about the survival of the species.


You’ve got early blight on those tomatoes. It’s never easy with container planting, but those things need airflow. Pinch some suckers if you see them. On your plants, too.


A few years ago mom planted
Clematis Venosa Violacea – Bluestone Perennials
at the base of our

variegated cornelian cherry, and this year it’s grown much taller, and is blooming like mad. People slow down - or stop - and stare as they walk past our house.

No veggies this year - we’re too busy dealing with the many messes mom left behind when she passed.


Two photos are 4 plants. Just four. Last photo is harvest from today and yesterday.


The husband thinks driving 6 hours each way to get tomato plants might be excessive, so I won’t ask for your extra tomato plants.

Some critter dug up one of my Amish paste plants, and another was half-dug up, and then they ate all the lettuce.So I have 5 tomato plants and maybe some carrots. I would love to fill up the space with more tomato plants.


First tomatoes of the season:

Determinate variety “Fantasico”, bought it by mistake, but maybe a happy one.

“Indigo Rose” coming along nicely. First time growing these. Definitely pretty, hope they’ll taste good.


They’re both so beautiful, esp the purple ones!

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