There is no red in this photo of a Coke can

Originally published at: "Red" Coca-Cola Can Tricks Your Brain


Looking at all those makes my eye twitch.


Someone should make a Jackhammer Jill logo using this technique. You know for the print version of Boing Boing that won’t ruin our reading comprehension.


Yes and they must make certain it is vectorized too!


Yeah, looking at those was a little painful. They practically vibrated on the screen when I was scrolling down.

Except that the images absolutely contain red. Maybe they weren’t intended to but all of the compressed images all have significant amounts of red in them.

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Show us a zoomed in portion where you think it contains only red (R>G|B). You might be surprised.

That last image was the most compelling to me, but if I zoom in and make a peephole with my finger I can see it really is grey. But if that peephole includes any of the cyan, it starts looking red again.

This is why automatic white balance gets fooled sometimes, and why pros still set white balance manually.

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I couldn’t zoom far enough for the last ones to work but could for the earlier ones. It was fun zooming in on the two signs to confirm the absence of red, and then zooming out trying to catch the exact moment the red “appeared”.

Truly a Wonderful Thing.


Alright, I was fairly certain this had come up on BB before…honestly I’m too lazy to search for it.

However, the previous time there certainly was red in it. I could put it in GIMP and have red as a color. GIMP now shows the picture presented as having 3 colors (Coke can).

I guess if you want to get really technical all the white space contains “red”. The white also contains blue and green, but there has to be some red in there.

Either way, color me impressed.


Well, chalk up one benefit of being red/green colorblind. None of these looked red to me.

Green, on the other hand . . .

… I suspect the power of suggestion is a factor

We know Coke cans are red, so they “look red” even in grayscale

True, but we don’t know the colour of the R signs or the train and they look red too.

If you move away from the display fast enough there should be a bit of redshift.

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