There's a J.Dilla documentary in the works

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It’s a shame that we can’t have a Dilla doc without Ye showing up.

On a side note, in conversations about music/musicians, I’m very fond of bringing up Chief Xcel, the producer half of Blackalicious. I think he’s an absolutely brilliant musician and arranger and anyone who thinks that a hip-hop producer is neither of those things is a fool.

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other than Dre, Puffy, Pharrell, and Kanye? I mean, ok, they rap (or “rap”) but in each case the beats are the stars of their songs. I think you make a good point anyway but I think even normies know that those artists make their own and others’ beats.

uhh, Pharcyde?

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How you dont mention @realpeterock and @madlib in the same breath of saying collaboration


Wait i heard Gift of Gab passed away, but did Chief Xcel, too? J Dilla’s getting a posthunous doc so i’m drawing a parallel here…

Not that I know of! The last I heard he was working on more Blackalicious with recordings Gift left behind.

He seems secretive though, so I hope the work he’s doing sees the light of day.


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