There's now a subscription service for fancy ice pops


Glad they figured out a way to use those surplus juicero packs.


I propose that we start a subscription service for Jello Shooters.


Wine, for instance will freeze altho I’m not sure why you’d want to do that unless you were using, say, Mad Dog, which would probably improve it.


Is now a bad time to mention that I love those super cheap drug store brand ice cream sandwiches?

Those and the amazingly good fruit ice bars that you buy from the dudes with the little
ice cream carts in parks (lime paletas YUM!)…

(seriously, this guy has the best ice cream. Also, pretty sure you’re helping this hardworking guy make a living rather than buying a douchey overpriced product from an investment banker…)


The only thing that improves Mad Dog is a good beating.


Years ago I did experiment with making super alcoholic jello shooters. Perhaps too strong. I recall opening the fridge they were all in and being hit with a strong alcohol smell.

But totes, i bet there’s a market for that for sure :stuck_out_tongue:



If Andy Warhol was still alive, and selling crap on the internet…

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