These 35 items can help your kid learn at home

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Teach your children to pressure flake their own stone tools, it might end up being a skill that they will have to pass onto the next generation.

Less flippantly, there are a lot of classic games that could prove fun and interesting to kids. This video changed my mind about the Game of Go, and I think at the smaller board sizes it’s quite accessible of a game. Perhaps more so than Chess which doesn’t have a good handicap system.

I totally get that with a DIY basic phone the journey is way more important than the destination, but two things leapt our at me. First, $180USD? Really? And second, I had to google to see if USB soldering irons (albeit 8W) are really a thing, and apparently they are.

Does anyone have any experience with a USB soldering iron? I’ll admit I’m sceptical but I’m also open to be surprised.

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