These are the questions the Dems should ask during Gorsuch's nomination

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I liked him as The Riddler.


“How are you, Judge Garland?”


Won’t happen. If Democrats ask them in an attempt to show that it’s bad to delay the appointment of a judge for political purposes, it makes them look like hypocrites for delaying his appointment for political purposes.

Plus they come across as kind of dickish.


The Democrats must get over their squeamishness! So what if they appear dickish?! This is a tough business, and the GOP has been extremely effective at (and suffered very little politically from) this kind of closed-ranks bastardry.

I say bring it on!


“Judge Gorsuch, don’t you agree the Senate should hold off approving Supreme Court nominees until the Pence administration takes office?”


“Are you the most qualified candidate for this position? If yes, what makes you the most qualified candidate? If not, who is a more qualified candidate than you and in what ways are they more qualified?” If he answers yes and gives traits where his record is inferior to Judge Garland’s, then they can do a compare-and-contrast push back on his answers.


“How do you feel about the scene where Garland sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and then the tornado strikes?”


With this in mind, Scott Turow calls on Democrats to follow the GOP playbook and display “coordination, forethought, and disciplined deployment of their strategy,”

Well, so much for Gorsuch getting rejected by the Senate Dems. And so much for Roe v. Wade, etc.

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Not just yet. Unless Scalia was the swing vote on getting RvW repealed (which I doubt), there are still (at least) 5 votes against overturning it: Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer, and at least one of Kennedy and Roberts.

Until Trump gets a chance to replace one or more of them, RvW should be safe, for now.


“Merrick Garland is a fine and able member of the judiciary and would have been a credit to the Supreme Court. The work of the Senate, however, is something outside of my expertise or control. The President nominated me and I was honored to accept.”

Why would he ever feel the need to say anything else?


Am I alone in seeing Congressional Democrats as those who shear the sheep on their way to the abattoir? They keep asking me for money—as if another dollar will buy them a backbone.

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Except that the rules of said hardball make it OK for Republicans but not Democrats, and their constituency eats it up unquestioningly.

How many conservatives complained about Clinton the womanizer, but cheered Newt Gingrich when he replied to questions about his infidelity with “That is not appropriate for this forum”?


“For Just a dollar a week, you can help buy a Congressional Democrat a backbone to stand up for their beliefs”


I hope so, but before November the Notorious RBG at age 83 was probably anticipating a well-deserved retirement, and Breyer is no spring chicken himself at age 78. I’m sure they want to stick it out for the next four years, but at that age you don’t always get what you want.


The Democrats aren’t required to fold like wet cardboard. That’s not actually in the rules. (Yet.) Who knows how people would respond if the Dems fought back? No, I mean it: who knows?


I wonder if this is all scripted by President Bannon: Gorsuch opposes Drumpf, just enough Democrats fall for it to get him into office, and then they can dissect the judiciary from the top.

Somehow I don’t think asking those “are you better than Garland” questions will in any way delegitimize Gorsuch, should he be confirmed. Anyone remember the hearings for Uncle Thomas?

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No, I don’t think its inappropriate.

“Judge, do you believe that the GOP was justified in blocking the appointment of a qualified judge by delaying?”

There is no good answer to this.

Yes. Well then, we will block and delay as well.

No. Then you really should not be here, Garland should.

The GOP has no defense against their hypocracy.


I thought it would be rad cool if the senate democrats threatened to filibuster unless Mitch McConnell agreed to apologize to Merrick Garland and Barack Obama in person.

This deprives Mitch of the excuse that he had no choice but to take the nuclear option, but he will anyway. This can only help, in the event that there are any votes left to be swayed in the next election cycle.