These bamboo bedsheets will knock you out as soon as your head hits the pillow

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Artist’s impression.





Possibly more bamboo than previously. I had a look and bamboo cloth items were listed as either “100% bamboo rayon” (probably the items previously discussed) or “60% microfiber, 40% bamboo fiber.” While that’s not a particularly helpful description it does indicate that there is some mechanically processed bamboo in these sheets.

As far as I can tell, that description is deceptive and actually means 40% rayon because almost nothing is made from actual mechanically separated bamboo. As to the rest, it appears to be 60% mystery fiber, because “microfiber” is a size of fiber not a type of polymer, so who knows what the heck the microfiber in these sheets is made of. Could be almost anything.


Bamboo is apparently now just an adjective meaning ‘desirable’. I base this on having successfully, then unsuccessfully, then successfully after some still inconclusive reading, purchased good bamboo sheets. Lyocell is where it’s supposedly at, but who knows if that is still, or ever was, actually true.


Lyocell is a nice sounding name for a type of rayon made using a certain manufacturing process, but one that his hopefully more ecologically friendly because it doesn’t use carbon sulfide. But it is still rayon, a semi-synthetic polymer, not mechanically separated bamboo fiber.


I thought it was sodium hydroxide, a la tie dye.

I’d found conflicting info, hence my waffly pile of commas upthread. It’s maddening to shop for, and all I can be sure of is that our latest set did not disappoint.

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Now this is a category debate I can get behind. (Since rigorously defined categories are an essential component of functional commerce law.)


Grrrr…Stack social is also continuing to lie about thread count. As consumer reports notes about such claims, you just can’t fit that density of threads on a loom.

It’s disappointing that the FTC is so underfunded and toothless that companies like stack social can brazenly make fraudulent claims and promote those fraudulent claims all over the internet with highly efficient SEO and not get prosecuted and heavily fined for it. And it’s not like stack socialism fly by night overseas company that can’t be located. It’s a domestic company that can be easily served with legal papers.


in plain English, “mulched”

But its not like these sheets are really “bamboo,” they are rayon, which is made from pretty much any available cellulose. You cannot distinguish bamboo rayon from old growth cedar rayon from amazon lumber rayon from alfalfa rayon; cellulose is cellulose and thus rayon is rayon.

Rayon is not produced in the developed world; in fact, in most jurisdictions its manufacture is either explicitly or implicitly illegal. Why? Well, aside from all the downstream pollution, the factory workers, are at significant risk of “insanity, nerve damage, heart disease, and stroke” due to the toxic chemicals involved.

You see “bamboo” and it must be all groovy and green, right? In this case, pretty much the exact opposite. About the only way this could be less green would be if it were sourced from coal…


I can’t think of anything worse in a sheet than having a scent built in.


These bamboo bedsheets will knock you out as soon as your head hits the pillow

Traumatic brain injury is not exactly what I’m looking for in bedding.


We’ve had similar issues buying “linens” with linen in it. (The sheets currently on our bed are 55% linen/45% cotton. I recommend this blend.)


I miss my brick pillows and mattress.


You’d prefer to hit the bricks than hit the sack?

I’ll allow it


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