These bluetooth headphones recharge up to 10 times in their case

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Anyone try these yet?

Wow, ten whole recharges! I’ll make sure to buy three pairs so that they’ll last me a entire month!

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Presumably the charging case is itself rechargeable; in the photo it has a micro-USB jack on the side.

I do like that the text says it’ll charge them 10 times, and the graphics say it’ll charge them 5 times. I guess that’s the confidence you’re begging for when you’re slating Apple while selling unashamed knockoffs.


wow now that is quite the knockoff clone of the original

but the key to the real apple airpods and might be the first/only apple device I ever buy is not just the sound quality but the bluetooth chip they use which seems to maintain better contact with fewer/shorter disconnects

even at this price these seem like a risky buy, you don’t know where they are making the savings?

dang, googling these EVERYONE is hawking them from the same marketing 3rd party but no-one has a honest review

ps. this presents an opportunity for some BB editor to do a real review of these someday?

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The case is a rechargeable. The case charges the headphones up to ten times before it has to be recharged at home.

Well, maybe it recharges one 10 times, or a pair 5 times :slight_smile:

When I see ad copy that says “bluetooth headphones recharge up to 10 times in their case” my first thought is, “Wow, the ear phones themselves must have a really crappy battery life if they have to brag how many times the case can charge them rather than the listening time of the earphones.” Heck, the lower the earphone battery capacity, the more times the same external battery can charge them…so number of recharges for a case is a really bad metric :-/

The problem with a charging case is that you can’t use the ear phones while they are charging.

Still, 23 bucks (no returns) is less than many ordinary wired earbuds cost, so they are impressively cheap. 2.5 hours (if that) of listening time would drive me crazy, though.

Just push the “Power Botton.”

“All sales final.”

Ok, then. Caveat emptor.

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