These foldable Bluetooth headphones arrived just in time for the iPhone 7

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Or you could, y’know… Not “upgrade” to a phone that forces you to replace the perfectly good $80+ headphones you already have. That don’t need batteries.


At $40, it’s a sure bet that it’s a 100% plastic shell, including the band across the top. It may not happen in a month,or even a year, but eventually it will crack.


A VERY important spec for bluetooth headphones, especially those claiming to have ‘audiophile’ sound is the inclusion of the AptX sound codec. This is a bluetooth codec/protocol that minimizes the audio compression necessary to transmit bluetooth audio. Without this protocol, expect the sound to be on-par with any mediocre 128kbps mp3. With the AptX protocol your music should sound as good as whatever bit rate that its streaming at.

I looked over the specs for these headphones and found no mention of AptX. Anyone curious can learn more here.

how long will the battery last with an acceptable charge? one year? two years?

Where would that microphone be?

And isn’t it a bad idea to have it so close to the speakers?


8-10 hours on a single charge

Or did you mean how long before the battery stops lasting that long and dies on you from “full charge” after 10 minutes? Because that will eventually happen, depending on a number of factors (what type of battery it is, how often you recharge it, etc etc).

I love wireless-anything, but I have to be honest: all BT headsets I tried (about a dozen) were invariably shit. Unless technology improved dramatically in the last two years, I’m not looking forward to ditching the jack – despite it being a shit solution too (cord breaks, contact breaks, internal solder breaks etc).

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Is that just straight adcopy?

The new iPhone 7 works perfectly well with any kind of headphones.

The headphone jack simply moved to the Lightning port (which also takes 3.5 headphones).

that was my point, though probably worded too vague - it is not really important which component dies when there is no easy way to fix; be it battery or the frame. but I suspect the plastic is more durable, even my cheap Sony headphones survived 10 years of abuse before I cracked the connection between frame and earpad.

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