These completely wirefree Bluetooth earbuds are 55% off

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The BT headphones I have has this nice cable going between them.

It isn’t annoying and it does give me a chance to not LOSE the earbud when it falls out of the ear

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Again: do these use the AptX hi fidelity bluetooth protocol? Nowhere in the specs is this listed - without this protocol music won’t sound better than a 128kbps mp3.

Also - no returns, yet there’s no feedback I can find on if people are satisfied with these. Anyone care to chime in?

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I’ve seen those somewhere before. Oh, now I remember…


On the one hand, they can be used individually, which means you can use one while the other one is charging. On the other hand, that charging cable sure as hell isn’t an easily replaceable piece of equipment. What is that, a 2mm connector? I’ve not been able to find any specs on it.

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darn, beat me to it!

I suppose that I’m the only one who thinks that the logo looks like the broadarrow used to mark crown property.

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