Truly wireless earbuds for greater listening, calling, and dancing flexibility

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Well, this would solve my recurring problem of a naughty kitty named Manny, who likes to chew on headphone cords most of all. (Seriously, he destroyed two in the last week.) But, how will I be able to solve the problem of finding both of them (specifically the second one) when the little thief makes off with one of them altogether?

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That gives the phrase “bone connduction” a whole new meaning.

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I don’t think Manny likes that idea very much, honestly. He has delicate (ahem) sensibilities.


I still prefer the wire connecting the pair…less likely to lose an earbud if it falls out of your ear, and you can drape it around your neck, when not in use.


As a long time hearing aid wearer who’s HAs have integrated Bluetooth, this is a less than ideal form factor. My basic reaction is, “Wow those look so clunky!”

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I got a pair of Samsung Gear IconX wireless ear buds for Christmas and I really quite like them except for one major problem: battery life is pathetic. Like, they barely last an hour and half before dying. Hardly enough to even get a workout in…and forget about watching a movie or using them on a conf call.

However, I really like the in-the-ear fit and the user controls are very intuitive…tap one to play, twice for next song, swipe up and down for volume. Very cool.

And for everyone concerned about losing them, they really do fit snugly into the ear and do not move around even with intense exercise.

Not sure about these guys. I highly doubt the 5 hour battery life but for the price maybe it’s worth trying.

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