These Bluetooth earbuds bring true wireless audio without the bulk

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but will they stay put
as in not go fall out…


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Anyway, I am confused now; I thought I was supposed to buy the Apple earthingies?

sorry still won’t stay put


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holey moley

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I need no less than 8 hours, so I can shut out my immediate supervisor’s meddling boss’ sonic presence. My boss is cool, but even the sound of HIS boss’ breathing makes me want to slice that douche’s trachea.

I need–no, WE need–nothing less than 8 hours of battery life. The needs of civilization should never be underestimated.

It’s going to be a long time before battery tech allows devices this tiny to have 8-10 hour charge life. About the nearest is a BT replaceable cable with MMCX connectors made by MeeAudio to fit their IEMs and any others, like Shure, with the same fitting. That gives an 8-hour life, but it is still a cable with a remote and battery-pack built in.
Personally I prefer proper IEM’s to buds or pods, for better noise isolation and less likelihood of losing the damn things!

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