Make calls on the move easier with these noise-cancelling earbuds

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These things smack of Darwinism.

Further, these things smack of “WheredafookdidIputthosedamnthings?!”

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Also, don’t enough people talk way too loud on their phones already. Those of us not on our phones won’t be able to hear traffic either.

If manufacturers of these things were smart, they’d emulate what my hearing aids have had for 3 years. They have integrated BLE that talks to my iPhone, and the phone tracks the last place it saw them. It also can show you signal strength to them, so you can play a kind of “hotter/colder” game to find them in the house.

While on the hearing aid thing, i do not understand why these things are so bulky. My HAs are behind my ear, and incredibly discrete - people have no idea I wear them. I can listen to music, do phone calls, phone rings in my ear, etc. while I’m just going on about normal life. These things you’d realistically have to take out to have a normal conversation with someone.

And lastly…

…charging case gives over 8 hours of battery life, and each bud can run standalone for up to 4 hours at a time.

Does that translate as you’ll get 4 hours running both at once, but 8 if you just use one, and when it dies you use the other?

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a) These are not just noise-isolation (earbud) headphones, they supposedly are active noise-cancelers also. You’re likely have to take them out to have a conversation anyway ^^’ .

b) From how it’s written, I’d say the charging case can hold 2 full charges of 4 hours each, assuming you use both earbuds when not (re)charging.


You just made a sale, Boing Boing. I’ll let you know how good they are.

Actually, it wouldn’t be a stretch to have the hearing aid type bluetooth device switchable from hearing aid mode to noise cancelling mode. Leave in as a hearing aid when you want to have normal conversation, phone mode for phone calls or noise cancelling if you are zoning out in an airplane seat trying to drown out the noisy kids.

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