These are the last workout earbuds you'll ever need

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…because they are fatal!!!


A lifetime guarantee.


Came here to make that joke. Well played.


Bluetooth 4.1? Nothing like buying outdated technology at a premium price.

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Three hour battery life???

I’ve been using the same pair of earbuds for the last 15 or so years. If that a world record?

Tell me more. What brand? Between the sweat, jostling, and being shoved in various gym bags and airline carryons, I have killed many headphones.

I have 3 pairs of wireless ones in varying states of functionality on my desk as I type this. And 2 wired ones in my travel rollerbag.

Why does BoingBoing always sell the shittiest products?

Can’t wear Bluetooth, but behind-the-neck wired headphones…
(until smartphones all loose their jacks).
Sticking plugs in my .

ears. just doesn’t appeal to me .

Well, let’s take a look at the Amazon listing:

Oooh, 3 stars… :-/

Next stop, fakespot: B rating for the authenticity of reviews

From the Amazon description:

“Due to the Bluetooth specification, currently only the left ear can make a sound when calling, this problem cannot be improved temporarily under the current Bluetooth technology conditions.”

My current el cheapo Bluetooth earbuds work in both ears when on calls (but they have a wire connecting them). Do Apple Airpods only work in one ear when on calls?

Well to be honest I think their resiliency is more to do with how I treat my possessions rather than that they are strong. They are Sony groove earbuds and are actually from the late 90s, so 20 years old. I used them with my discman at the time (which is still in pristine condition by the way). I have a phrase: “everything I own lasts forever”. I also don’t tend to lose things, so that helps too.


In headset profile (i.e. call mode) it reduces the bitrate greatly to facilitate the two way communication, and is mono but there’s no reason it can’t be in both ears. That’s just lazy manufacturing.

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No, they work in both ears. These are just junk.

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Who is Matt and what has he coated these with?

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