The Bragi Dash have their own music storage and fitness tracker in earbud form

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And with a play time of 4 whole hours, you’ll be stuck to the charger more often than not. Also, these things are big, and with no earhooks, I’d imagine they’d fall out if you’re even mildly active. All just guesses though.

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I got a pair of the Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds and I really like them a lot. They fit securely in the ear, sound great and also have 4GB of on-board memory. They are very similar to the Bragi and have a great intuitive finger-press control. Swipe up for volume control, double tap for next song, etc.

Biggest pain though is the battery life is pathetic. Only 1.5 hours when connected via bluetooth and maybe around 3 hrs disconnected. They also deplete the case battery when left out so I pretty much have to leave them plugged in all the time.

I’ve looked at Apple Airbuds but absolutely hate the fit. I can’t keep the standard Apple wired earbuds from falling out just standing around and forget about exercise or running.

Maybe Samsung will get around to doing a firmware fix for the battery because I love the design and it’s perfect for workouts. Seems like this is suddenly a crowded space so I suspect things will get better and cheaper fast.

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I ordered a set of Bluetooth ear buds from the BoingBoing store about 10 days ago. They appeared to ship almost immediately with a convenient link to DHL tracking. Ever since then, the link leads to a page apologizing for delayed or missing tracking information. How long does it normally take to receive items from the store?

I order some earbuds once and they got to me in a week or so.

Longer than Amazon, but not so long I noticed and became annoyed.

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