Save over 70% on these cost-effective alternatives to Apple's Airpod Pros

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I’ve been using the (wired) headphones that came for free with my Samsung Galaxy S9 a few years ago. They’re proven surprisingly durable and comfortable, but the wire is finally beginning to fray and the sound is starting to cut out. I’m considering getting something wireless, since I use them during work and the wire always gets snagged on things, but I’m not sure what to get. I don’t think a hard plastic thing like this would be remotely usable, it would have to have some kind of soft, flexible rubber earpiece. Anyone have a recommendation?

No suggestions, but bluetooth is really a nice step up.

Headphine cables are always the weak point. Some can be repaired, others you can’t open in a way that they can be put back together.

Before portable devices I used to use expensive headphones instead of speakers, and a long extension cord.

But since my new hearing aid does bluetooth (not directly but through a unit that wears around my neck) I added a cheap bluetooth transmitter to my tv set, and it’s so nice to not have a cord connectong me to the tv set.


Earbuds never stay in my ears, but the PowerBeats Pro work really well for me. I use them almost every day. Battery life, range, and reception are good. They aren’t perfect, there are small, but livable issues. Sound quality is acceptable, they’re for active lifestyle not audiophiles.

JBL makes some very good noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones that weathered my abuse before I got the PowerBeats. If you want great wireless audiophile headphones, Drop’s THX Panda headphones are being well reviewed but aren’t shipping until summer.

I don’t know how these are supposed to compare with Airpods Pro when they don’t have noise cancellation, or changeable tips. You know, the things that make the Airpods Pros, Pros.

I ordered some of these for my kid… they look good, but didn’t power up and won’t charge. Very disappointed.
Still waiting for someone to okay return/replacement… this SHouldn’t be this hard, since they were DOA… beware when ordering from Boing Boing, you are dealing with and at the mercy of third-party sellers.
Can someone PLEASE help me get these replaced? ANYONE???

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