These earbuds created by Beats by Dre engineers are just as awesome and cost a whole lot less

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Huh, and I had forgot about Dre.


I’ve never had a Beats headphone that has lasted more than a year. Gone through two so far. Never again.

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I have a pair that’s four or five years old! They work. Mind you, I haven’t used them at all. I don’t like 'em.

I’m with you. I bought a pair of Solo 3 headphones for work because I preferred the Beats’ ANC over Bose (which aggravates my tinnitus). I used them every day at work and after 8 months the left arm broke. I figured no problem, this was obviously a defect that Apple would fix under warranty but they refused to fix it. I ended up paying nearly $100 out of pocket to have fix it (and they did a wonderful job) and vowed to never purchase another Beats product. They fixed the broken arm by replacing it but now the headband is falling apart and the ear cups are looking really dingy. These things are definitely not made for real “pro” use.

I have noticed that Apple seems to have changed the design of the newest models to have metal rather than plastic arms, and otherwise better looking builds which I’d imagine will improve durability but I’m so burned after my previous experience that I’m not going to chance it.

so Boing Boing Store = contiguous U.S. only… well isn’t that great

Demand only genuine Monster

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My Solo 2 stopped charging after a year - seems to be a common thing. I still use them as a wired set of headphones. My behind the neck buds had one ear stop working depending on how the wire was bent, then stopped working completely.

It’s not worth buying headphones for more than 35 bucks as nothing built today can last continuous use.

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Still the same O.G., but he’s been low key.


Beats are overpriced crap. Of course these guys could create something just as crappy and sell it for less.


When I saw the headline I thought I would jump in with snark about how it must be as good as Monster. Then I skimmed the ad and realized they beat me to it. I got nuthin. You can make this stuff up.

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