These noise-cancelling earbuds adapt to block noise or enhance conversations

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I’d like to reverse that, actually.

It’s some kind of bizarre dystopian world where we have to use tech to cancel or enhance sound
instead of merely walking toward or away.
“You are capitalism’s serf.
accept this body modification to make your servitude somewhat less distraction.”

The people in the pictures look so sad. It’s like they started listening to some conversation that they found so completely unbearable that they reached for their noise-cancelling earbuds in a desperate attempt to drown it out but they’d already heard too much and they just can’t forget and the music isn’t helping and they used to like this song but now every time they hear it they’re going to be reminded of this awful moment and how did it come to this.

I mean, dang, that’s some intriguing advertising.

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The comments on the indiegogo site are horrible.

comments everywhere are horrible!
They’re also accused of being scam artists.

Does boingboing have any pride in what they sell?

edit: luckily, they don’t ship to my country :slight_smile:

Yes, and?

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