These CBD sprays give you sharper focus during the day and better sleep at night

Originally published at: These CBD sprays give you sharper focus during the day and better sleep at night | Boing Boing

How can it give you sharper focus and then put you to sleep at night???




these cbd sprays could give you bigger penis, better tasting food, and all around better clouds in the sky.


I thought there were laws about making claims like this in an ad

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Not if they put “not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition” in the disclaimer, apparently even if they are clearly stating that their product can treat certain medical conditions…

Also, I’m sure there are lots of peer reviewed studies proving all of these claims…

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Tried spraying in my eyes. Did not improve focus.


I bet there are lots of papers in The Lancet with “Wonder Treatment for Everything” in the title

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Ahh, I see you’ve met my peers.

moderately effective at removing oil, dirt, and other debris from my rotors and brake pads

“Removes unwanted fingerprints from walls, removes unwanted walls from fingerprints, puts the cat out all night.”

Fortunately, there are some websites that routinely make fun of or take these types of claims to task! Oh… wait…

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They’re right next to all the articles about “subluxations” and chi energy…

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this is literally my dream you’re dashing. when i grow up I want to run a website where I bash every corporation, sponsored by every corporation. for the lulz


Sharper focus? I can’t wait to use this for all of my photography…:thinking:

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