Not all CDB drops are created equal: I found the best

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Unrelated, sorry, but I’m a 4.00am riser. Just wondering why you think you need to be “cured” of it.


Looking forward to the posting “Not all homeopathic drops are created equal: I found the best.”


Well, those definitely shouldn’t taste like anything. :thinking:


If they’re anything like me, I go to bed around 3 am, so waking up at 4 am would mean about 1 hour of sleep every night. Definitely something to be “cured” of.

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Uh, no…



4am? For decades I went to sleep about then (well, more like 3am).

I had to shift my pattern somewhat a decade or so ago. I’m still trying to reset to “normal”, asleep at 2 or 3 am, awake at 10am or so.


Wish I could try these but disallowed to partake due to my work :frowning: some day I hope

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Wait, this isn’t a Stack Social post?


Buy crystals, dissolve in alcohol. You can even make your own vape it you’d like, using a different carrier. It’s cheap and stupid easy, and you can be 100% sure of ingredients. I get 1000 mg of crystals for $30ish. Everything else is just ripping you off.

That’s a proper five sheeter.

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Why isn’t this showing as a boing boing shop ad?


I dismissed it as a bullshit trend

You had the answer right there. No need to continue.


CDB infused kombucha it is, then.


Because it’s not a BB Shop post despite reading like an advertorial.


It happens in cycles for me. Most of the time i’ll wake up at a normal time but sometimes i’ll going through a period of waking up bright eyed at 4am (even when i’m calm and have no anxiety in my life at that time). I work a 9-5 so if i get up at 4am i’ll usually suffer for it later in the day. Waking up at 6 or 7 is much better for me.

This is my experience:

  • I normally turn my phone off at 8pm (i’m a gen x’er who’s not on social media so that part is easy for me).

  • I started going to bed later (around 12am), thinking that maybe I don’t need as much sleep as i think i need.

  • Drink herbal tea before going to bed.

It’s still not 100% but it helps. To be honest if i have something in my life that’s causing me anxiety (like an interview or deadline at work) then I won’t be able to do anything until that event has passed.

I may look into these drops.

How can you be more sure of the crystals? Seems to me you’re still buying a premade product just then performing another step with them versus buying premade cbd oil.

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He’s not saying he wants to be “cured” of early rising, he’s saying that he wants to be an early riser, but in order to do so he needs to get a full night’s sleep without interruption.

Before taking this brand of CBD oil, his sleep was consistently interrupted at 4am. He’s not claiming that there is something objectively wrong with waking at 4am, but 4am is probably one or two hours too early for him. The interruption at 4am made it difficult for him to get restorative sleep, and the CBD supposedly stopped the interruption.

I believe one should assume that the author’s sleep needs, the time he falls asleep, and his definition of “early riser” might differ from one’s own. Maybe he’s falling asleep at 10pm, and wants to wake up at 6am, to get eight hours of sleep? In that case, it would be subjectively bad for him to wake at 4am. But he’s not saying that it’s bad that you wake at that time. You do you!


Peoples’ willingness to put unregulated, untested medical products from unknown sources into their bodies amazes me. The reasoning seems to end with “everyone says it’s good and I read an article somewhere”.