These domesticated foxes came from a famous Russian experiment


People 14,000 years ago didn’t care about house training. As the video mentions, the domestic foxes are basically impossible to house train and pee and shit everywhere. They need to work on the selective breeding for that trait. Hard pass.


Hey, on an evolutionary timescale they barely got started. Give them a few thousand more years and those foxes will probably be able to wash and wax your hover-pod.



We should not be trying to domesticate them full stop. Leave them in the wild where they belong. They’re not our property.


Does anyone know why the subtitler copped out and wrote “(speaks foreign language)” every time the narrator said a Russian name?



That’s interesting - a purposeful recreation of the “survival of the friendliest” that’s postulated to have caused the emergence of the domesticated canine. Purposeful domestication is never a good idea, though.


Iirc they did the same experiment set on rats due to their faster generational cycle, then realized it was a bad thing when someone pointed out what would happen if their “attack humans on sight” rats ever got loose…


Bette Davis was famous for lunging at people


Was going to ask if good behaviour extended to “god, that smell” not being the reaction to any / every fox. The above implies not. I don’t care how ‘nice’ these inbred foxes are, the smell alone damns any from ever being allowed in polite company.


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