Tangled Fox cub rescued, massaged


A chip off of the ol’ Beschizza…

Surprised that he wasn’t more bitey – poor thing must have been exhausted.

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A little surprised that the rescuer had gloves but didn’t wear them while handling the kit. At least he kept the little guy scruffed, which seemed to work pretty well. The fox was remarkably calm during most of it. If that had been a stray cat (never mind a feral), the scene would have looked like something out of a Tasmanian Devil cartoon, all teeth, claws, and desperation. Blood would have been shed, and not cat variety.


The fox says “Thank you!”


That doesn’t look like massaging to me, looks like the rescuer is checking for broken bones.

We reared a vixen from a cub rescued by some hunt sab friends of my dad’s after its mother was killed when I was a child. They are cute as buttons, but still feral.


Foxes don’t have cubs, they have kits.

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I follow “Emergency Fox” on Twitter. They’re very handsome critters, with very dog-like expressions.

IT is probably pretty rare, but sometimes a suburban fox and a dog or cat will become buddies, or just hang together.

There is a project to domesticate Foxes, though it’s very much on the rocks now.

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